Tuesday , March 2 2021

In the National Theater again "Cīrulīši"

Krešimir Gulbov's "Cirulisi" of the Latvian National Theater directed by Edmund Freiberg, to be premiered on December 6, informs Līga Rimščević's theater representative on the Delphi portal.

Performance – a tribute to all Latvian economies. Performance – a tribute to all the people. And they show recognition to the children. Do you remember your favorite toy childhood? Where is it currently? Children's homes, toys, memories, how far they are from life, and has any meaning.

"It's amazing how Harry Gulbis plays" Cirulisi, "written by Harry Gulbis, written in the 70's of the last century, is still current, I've made shorts and removed the background of the seventies, because today everything can be the same, it's a song about the family. about the home, the love and the lack, the fact that, like Ciruli's houses, we can lose Latvia, which is close to us all, "says Edmunds Freibergs, director of the show.

In the role: Zelma – Lāsma Kugrēna, Elmārs – Marcis Maņjakovs, Raimonds – Janis Āmanis, Silvia – Liene Sebre or Ilva Center, Gundega – Marija Berzina or Evija Skulte, Vizma – Inga Misane-Grasberga or Daiga Kžociņa, Olga – Liepiņa or Shrine Rasma, Jānis – Martins Brūveris.
Sculptor Aigars Ozolins, costume designer Jurate Silakaktinas, light artist Tom Streilis, music consultantValdis Zilveris, producer Janis Kaijaks.

This is the second production of "Cirulisi" in the Latvian National Theater, the first production was in 1975. Cirulīšu Zelma is specially written for Lidija Freimana – a mentally subtle actress. Producer Julian Bebres also chose another, equally prominent personality stage for this role, Veltu Lini, who played his Golden Maybe and Coarse, Straight. The highlight of the performance was the director's nightly table with potatoes and a dramatic accent of lightheads and childhood memories at that time Zelma presented her favorite toy child to each of the three children, to the neat, unattractive faces that appear when the "wandering" and how later Zelma will follow his age. In addition, childish toys unexpectedly throw them away from mental balance because they have put down those memories that have long been deeply buried.

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