Thursday , February 25 2021

Kurucs makes his debut in the “Rocket” team with convincingly the best efficiency and loss to Vijesti

San Antonio (USA), January 17, SUMMER. Latvian basketball player Rodions Kurucs debuted for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team in the Houston Rockets on Saturday, winning two points and losing with a new unit.

The Rockets conceded to the San Antonio Spurs 91: 103 (30:21, 23:29, 19:25, 19:28).

Kurucs joined Brooks ’Brooks team from Brooklyn on Wednesday in the most impressive contract of the new season to date, including NBA superstar James Harden. He could not participate in the previous match yet, but on Saturday he went to the field, where he spent 21 minutes and 18 seconds, realizing his only two-point throw and throwing all four long throws to the basket.

He also fought four rebounds, added once, cut two balls, made two mistakes and broke the rules three times. Kurucs was the only Rockets basketball player with a positive +/- score (+13) and was by far the best on the team.

Christian Woods stood out in the Rockets with 24 points and 18 rebounds, Mason Jones also scored 24 and Ben McMlemor 21 points.

Demars Derousens scored 24 points in the Spurs line, but Dejuntem Murray had 18 points and ten rebounds, while Jākobs Pēltls scored 13 + 11 in these two stats.

The Houston team could only use eight players in this match, but nine basketball players went to opponents.

If the “Nets” Kurucs team had to go on the field this season when the result of the match was being decided, then on Saturday they had the opportunity to join the game from the fourth minute. Although some attacks could not be successfully completed due to lack of play, the Rockets gained the reins with Kuruc on the field and won the first quarter with 30:21. Kurucs scored the first points in the Rockets jersey in the seventh minute, when after an ingenious pass from Wood, he reached 17:10 with a kick from the bottom of the basket.

During the rest of the match, the Latvian failed to make four long shots, but the Rockets were mostly in the lead until the end of the third quarter. In return, the Spurs were ahead of the entire fourth quarter, which celebrated a 103-91 victory.

The Rockets finished 14th with four wins in 11 games at the Western Conference, while the Spurs are seventh with seven wins in 13 fights.

It is planned to play 72 games in the NBA Main Event, which is ten less than usual.

The league started the season without spectators present in the arenas, as coronavirus restrictions prohibit larger public gatherings in those premises.

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