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Misus Liberated Valka / Valga Coach Position, Kazakh Team Leader Will Take Over – Basketball – Sportacentrs.com

Club management reports that from November 5, the main coach of the new "Valga-Valka" will become 42-year-old Mikhail Karpenko, the current chief coach of the Kazakh national basketball team, who started his career in 1997.

In the previous (2017-2018) season Karpenko led the VTB Unitary League as the main coach of the basketball club "Astana", and also showed earlier in the training of Russian and Kazakh clubs.

"Valga-Valka started the basketball team season and must admit that former boss A. Misum failed to consolidate the team to fully understand its potential. Of course, there are also objective reasons because the team has finished relatively late and the time of preparation either is very short. Changes are needed to save this season, "says Vents Armands Krauklis, the basketball club's public manager.

Club manager Robert Peterson claims that a change of coach could break the team and give new motivation to win each game: "Life and Basketball – if you do not get results, then something must change."

Liepājnieks Armands Misus became the main coach of the Valga-Welsh club at the end of August, and in the Latvian-Estonian sailing tournament, seven games with Balance 1-6 were conducted under his leadership.

Karpenko will be able to debut at the helm of the team on Friday, November 9, at noon. 19.00 in Valga Sports Hall, as a domestic game Valga-Valka, will meet with the unit "Ventspils".

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