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New research: Dark matter existed before the Big Bang – space – science

To determine the existence of dark matter, scientists can only measure the influence of its gravity on ordinary matter in space. However, what exactly is a dark substance is still unclear to scientists.

However, researchers know that dark matter and energy affect the formation and development of galaxies and galaxies. Dark matter is an integral part of the story of the universe.

According to Tenkanen, if dark matter existed before the Big Bang, it plays an extremely important role in shaping the structure of the universe.

"The study revealed a new link between particle physics and astronomy. When dark matter is made up of new particles that came before the Big Bang, they have a unique influence on the appearance of galaxies, "commented the researcher.

Earlier, scientists assumed that dark matter was excess after the Big Bang, but they failed to prove it experimentally.

"If dark matter is really excess from the Big Bang, then scientists would have to observe direct signals from dark matter in different experiments," Tenkanen said.

Tenkanen in turn created a simple mathematical equation that showed that dark matter can exist even before the Big Bang. The period before the Big Bang is called space expansion.

As the universe expanded, so the universe expanded rapidly, resulting in unique particles from which scientists discovered only the Higgs boson.

"We don't know what dark matter is, but if it has something to do with these unique particles, it could be older than the Big Bang," Tecanen said.

The study was published in the scientific journal Physical Review Letters.

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