Wednesday , November 25 2020

On Monday the weather will stay warm and it will rain for a while

On Monday, both night and day in Latvia, warm weather is expected – the maximum air temperature will be +5 .. + 9 degrees, forecasters predict.

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At night, in many places in the country, only transient precipitation is expected during the day – mostly light rain.

The sky will be cloudy. The wind will be westerly, southwesterly, blowing in gusts of up to 8-13 meters per second, on the coast – up to 18 meters per second, at night on the west coast of Kurzeme, the gusts will last up to 21 meters per second.

In Riga, the sun will shine between the clouds on Monday, precipitation is unlikely. The wind will be moderate west, southwest, the air temperature at night and day will be +5 .. + 8 degrees.

On Wednesday, the air temperature in Latvia will rise again to +10 degrees, but it will get colder for the weekend, and there will be occasional precipitation.

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