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PHOTO. The first working and recreational area is open on the new link at the airport "Riga"

Airport & # 8220; Riga & # 8221; Detects first work and lounge on a new row or Zone C on November 8, 2018.

The "Riga" Airport opens the first working and recreational space on the new dock or zone C on November 8, 2018.

Photo of the audience.

On Thursday, November 8, "Samsung" area of ​​work and recreation is opened on the new North Riga Airport in Riga or in Zone C for airport visitors. Comes with a total of 50 mobile charging points as well as suitable desks for up to 20 people at the same time. This is the first such type and volume of work and recreation area at Riga airport, and is a valuable contribution to improving the overall comfort level of the airport, said Līga Bite, a spokeswoman for Samsung Electronics Baltics.

"Technology plays an irreplaceable role in today's busy and fast-paced life – they always help in getting to and from anywhere in the world, so taking into account business people and other travelers, Samsung has created a convenient place for leisure and work in the Riga area area C. Everyone can recharge their devices before going online, using the Internet, working on a trolley or simply relaxing, "says Philip Choi, President of Samsung Electronics Baltics.

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During the year, the airport of Riga serves more than 6 million passengers and is constantly evolving, so the new working and recreational area is a valuable addition to passenger comfort.

In order for guests to spend time at the airport while waiting for a flight, Samsung's work and recreation area has a high desk with 20 seats, 30 wireless chargers, 12 comfortable sun loungers, 20 electrical contacts and 6 QLED televisions.

"Those who want to relax before the flight will be able to watch high quality TV shows, or videos with beautiful sights and popular landmarks in Latvia. Latvian video is prepared by Magnetic Latvia, which will be a nice reminder of Latvia for anyone traveling and perhaps inspiring to come back, "says Sergey Kostyuchenko, director of Electronics Electronics from Baltica.

"We are very pleased with the long-term cooperation with Samsung, which was launched a few years ago when Samsung provided FIDS monitors for basic airport operations. time before the flight, promoting the overall comfort and level of airport services in Riga, "said Artūrs Savelejevs, a member of the airport management at Riga.

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