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Prince Harry and Megan Duchess decided to take her son to a dangerous trip

The new family decided to go to the hottest and most dangerous continent on our planet in Africa. The trip is not scheduled in the near future, but in the fall. But Archy, who came to the world in May this year, will be only half a year old.

Harry, Megan and the little Archia route will not be easy. At first, the family will go to South Africa and then to Malawi and Angola. Harry also planned to visit Botswana. Prince, who is already an experienced traveler, will not be a problem with this destination. However, half a year old Achilles should be worried.

The baby will have to endure a series of long runs. In addition, they will go to the region with many different infections and insects, from which the child will not be able to even protect the bodyguard suit. Not to mention the hot climate that will be new and unusual.

Probably Prince Harry will not be considered a dangerous continent for Africa. For the first time, he visited him with Prince Charles's father in 1997 when he was 13 years old. Since that trip, the prince in Africa has returned countless times and, as he often emphasizes, has used this country to call his "other home."

Harry's influence on Africa also fell in love with his wife's girlfriend. Prince on this continent took Megan when both of them just started to meet. That happened in the summer of 2016.

"I managed to persuade him to join me on the trip to Bocva. We slept under the starry sky, drank the water from the riverbed … And we were in fashion. Our five day trip was awesome! "- recalls Prince Harry. It is no coincidence that when selecting a drawing for the engagement ring, he selected the diamond from Bocva as the main and the largest of the three stones – from where their novel flourished.

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