Friday , March 5 2021

Regular corruption and misuse of state fuel: problems in some institutions of the Ministry of the Interior – in Latvia – News

The office in the mason had three years in November. Minecraft suggests that IDB has investigated nearly 450 criminal proceedings over three years. Criminal proceedings have been initiated for the alleged abuse of official status, abuse of service, bribery and other crimes at the service of state institutions.

In that period, IDB sent 121 criminal charges against 131 people to commence criminal prosecution.

"Given the fact that the Office has started its activities from scratch three years ago, it has been done a lot, and I am satisfied with the progress achieved in the areas of direct execution of the investigation, detection and prevention of criminal offenses and the support functions required for office work. to emphasize that the Office of Internal Security is still in the development phase and we are continually looking for ways to increase the efficiency of work, "says Mürnenek, referring to the achievements.

At the moment it is not objective to draw conclusions on whether an improvement or deterioration of a field is identified. Meanwhile, an increase in the number of applications, as well as an increase in pre-trial investigations, are associated with a freelance mascot with the growing popularity of IDB in the community, and office capacity has increased compared to early office space. It takes longer to analyze the situation and it would be necessary to study public trust in the institution.

"The situation in institutions is different, but more attention needs to be paid to preventive measures, eg in connection with improving the internal control system, the internal security risk assessment in some subordinate institutions of the Ministry of the Interior has not yet been resolved or solved certain identified problems. , for example, taking bribes in tracking road traffic and using fuel for the service, "said IDB leader.

Since November 2015 there have been 19 criminal proceedings for IDB eviction, of which 12 criminal proceedings have already been sent to the Prosecution for Criminal Prosecution. "It should be noted that this problem has been discovered in virtually all offices of the Office and should be prevented by the introduction of more stringent internal control measures," Mürneks emphasized.

The IDB commenced operations on 1 November 2015. IDB is a law enforcement agency under the supervision of the Interior Minister, whose task is to detect, investigate and prevent criminal offenses committed by officials and employees of institutions subordinate to the Ministry of the Interior.

The Office also investigates crimes related to the violence committed by officials of the Prison Administration with special levels of service in prisons, port police and local police officers in the performance of their duties.

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