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Riga convincingly increases his lead to six points

& # 8220; Riga & # 8221; footballers are happy with their success.

Rigs football players are thrilled with their success.

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Latvian champion Riga on Sunday celebrated the defeat of Optibet in the Latvian football superstar, while Ventspilsa's main season defeated Jelgava in the last minutes.

"Riga" at the "Skonto" stadium in public with 4: 0 (1: 0) disrupted the team "Mette".

The first goal of the "Rige" was six minutes after Antonia Chernomordia hit the ball with Romans Debelko, who sent them from the penalty area to the network of Fort Metta. Riga solidified their lead at 62 minutes in, but Felipe Brisola came in from the right, feinted, then spitting the ball.

The Brazilian also took part in the next goal, six minutes later, transferring the ball to Metta footballer Benson Fazil. After six minutes the result was already 4: 0 for "Riga", and Deniss Rakel from a short distance scored a goal.

For football soccer players Mette, the three-match result so far was successful because they managed to win two wins and once played unlimited, returning the team to the top seven. On the other hand, after 3 consecutive victories in the previous round with 0: 1 unexpectedly gave up Jelgava.

Ulimbaševs wins Ventspils

In the third game of "Ventspils" with 2: 1 (1: 0) he won "Jelgava".

Kurzemnieki broke through on the left 23 minutes into the game, when Romans Mickiewicz sailed high above the opponents as he headed in a corner kick from Daniil Ulimbaev. At the start of the second half, Jelgavnieki came in a 51th minute to equalize – the ball sent by Nikita Ivanov was handed out by visiting goalkeeper Vyacheslav Kudrjavcev, who made the mistake by Jaelis Eisdens, reaching 1: 1.

In the last ten minutes of the game, the vast majority of guests made the fruits. Three minutes before the end of the lead after Jevgenij Kazachock was in the center, Ulimbašev was disappointed with the formerly represented team Jelgave.

This year, the previous match was more suitable for jellyfishers – winning 2: 1 in their own field and achieving 1: 1. After a change of coach, Jelgava ran because he had two consecutive wins (against "Daugavpils" and "Rige" champions) was previously a series of four losses. In turn, Ventspils rejected a bad season, but in the last three games he was not a winner – two defeats and one row.

Not in Valmieri

"Valmiera Glass" / "Vidzeme University College" (ViA) On Sunday, Optibet played 1: 1 (0: 1) with "Daugavpils" on his field in the Latvian Football League.

In the tenth match, a new attacker opened Daugavpils Kaspars Kokins, who hit the corner with a sharp blow. At the end of the first half, the landlords did not use a passage against the goalkeeper, with the minimum passage on the way to the guests.

At the start of the second half, 48 minutes later, Valmiera struck the score – after Leonard Lelise struck, the ball hit the Daugavpils football wall and reached the goal. At the end of the day, domination belonged to field hosts, and Valmiera footballers shook the door design, while the second episode led the guest, Danilo Kučer, from the Daugavpils goalkeeper.

Valmiera defeated this team in the first fight this season with 2: 0, while in the second round "Daugavpils" ranged from 1: 0. Valmiera Glass / ViA, which has started well in the season, has not been too good lately since the last four games had three defeats. Team Daugavpils, who had two defeats in the last four games and the other two are no better.

The game of this round was launched on Saturday when Jurmalin "Spartak" played in the field with 1: 0 RFS. Meanwhile, this round is being issued by football players from Liepaja.

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With a total of 37 points in 18 games, the team's total team leadership is Riga, with 31 points in 18 bets followed by RFS. The third with 29 points is the team "Spartaka", but with 25 points in 17 matches is "Valmiera Glass" / ViA. The fifth place with 24 points in 18 matches is "Ventspils", which is in front of 17 "Liepaja", which is one of 17 battles but less than "Daugavpils". With 19 points, Jelgava followed Jelgava, but the last with 17 points in 18 was "Metta".

As we all know, this season, nine teams start over the top, which is one more than last year, so one unit misses. It is planned that ten units will begin in the next season in the Supreme.

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