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Several colleges have increased their tuition per day

The increase in tuition fees occurred mainly when higher education institutions looked at funding from the state budget and the planned investment, or after a study cost estimate was decided to increase the fee.

"For six study programs, RSU tuition fees are revised by 12% on average, for two second-rate pharmacy programs, the tuition fees have been significantly revised, taking into account state budget financing and planned investment in equipment and infrastructure, but for most programs for which compensation changed by an average of 5%, "explained Leta Edijs Shaerer, Director of the RSU Communications Department.

In the next academic year at the University of Latvia, tuition fees will increase for full-time full-time students in primary and postgraduate programs, says Sindija Iesalniece, a representative of the LETA School of Communications and Innovation. Fixed tuition areas, such as humanities, IT and biology, will also remain.

At the same time, the biggest increase in tuition fees will be in medical study programs, Jalalniece said. "When we estimate the cost of a study, we understand that these programs require more resources because they have to pay for the practices, equipment and technology we use in the study process," explained LU representative.

By contrast, in a higher education institution welfare the tuition fee will remain unchanged, the agency agency said.

In the next academic year at the Latvian University of Agriculture, tuition fees will remain unchanged, except for one program where the fee is rounded up and increased by 1%, said Lana Janmere, head of the Department of Communications at the University.

On the other hand, RTU tuition will be increased in a small part of the program approved by the RTU Senate in April this year. "Scholarships have been increased in a very small part of the study program, where it was necessary to cover rising costs – communal services, IT solutions. The average annual fee increase is around 50 euros per year," said Uldis Sukovskis, rector for RTU studies.

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