Tuesday , June 15 2021

"Tenax" does not win in the Baltic League for the first time – undecided in Kaunas – Handball – Sportacentrs.com

The Dobra season "Tenax" began with two consecutive victories, but tonight against the "Granit-Karys" in Kaunas was fixed – 27:27. During the semi-finals, the Latvians went with a four-year goal, however, the second part of the match was no longer so successful. Ten minutes to the end, Tenax had five plus, but in the end he only scored two goals as the home team reacted with seven. Anders Ērmanis was the best in Doble nine-goal runners, but Nils Miķelsons added five goals.

Meanwhile, Riga's "Builder" suffered another consecutive loss, leaving Vilnius "Light" in flight at 29:32. Ten minutes before the end of the first half, the Latvian team was ahead, but the break fell to less than two. After the fight, the return to the lead was no longer possible, so there was another failure in three matches. Top 10 goals were Vladislav Kosman, but Rihards Lehs added five accurate footage.

Team tomorrow will change opponents. "Builder" will visit Granit-Karys, but Dobela "Tenax" will work with "Light".

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