Friday , August 6 2021

The commanders of the law in Riga kept the pocket group at the time of the crime

On Monday, November 5, at the time of the crime, the state police (VP) arrested three women, a catechism, at a store in Mezciems, the VP of Delphi reported.

As the merchant visited the merchandise, one of the junks came from one side. In the meantime, the other with his back, he had unobtrusively pulled the wallet that was in the bag of the injured visitor. The woman who pulled her purse from the bag donated her boyfriend.

After that, they both went to the car where they were waiting for the third woman. The crime was not perceived, but police officers who followed the crime noticed a crime. Realizing that police officers dressed in civilian clothes came to the car, women stole the 45 euro wallet that remained there.

Law enforcement officers arrested women and handed them over to the Righe State Police Police Riga Teika Police Station. The police returned a stolen money bag.

Resident women were born in 1966, 1968 and 1963, and all were already being sentenced to death for footwear.

In relation to the two women arrested, criminal proceedings have been initiated in accordance with the first part of Article 180 of the Criminal Code, relating to theft of small scale. For such crimes, the law provides for deprivation of liberty for up to one year or temporary detention, forcible labor or fines. Both women are currently in the isolator.

The third, who was waiting for the rest of the car, is currently witnessing the status.

The GOP reminds the public that pocket-makers are beginning to commit crimes in crowded places – in public transport, in staircases, in stations, in tunnels and in shops, for which law enforcers called for special care in public places. It is advisable to store cats, phones and other valuable items in inner bags, but shoulder bags and shoulder bags should be worn on the front to hold them.

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