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The feeling must be that we are Latvia. And Malas's directors Juris Jonelis and Roberts Rubins / Article / LSM.LV

Although both emphasize that these two functions are smooth – because they work everywhere with the same responsibility – the division of functions is the following: Juris Jonelis is artistic director, and Roberts Rubin – projection director and visual video.

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Jonas reveals – the team talks a lot about what will be the next century in Latvia. "This is our main task in thinking about the concept of this project – what we want to convey to the next generation of people who will live in Latvia, take care of it and shape it, take care of our experience, just a hundred years and we want Latvia at least ten a moment, but the moment when the first hundred Latvian people agree with the other is special. "

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"Both Malasa" at the Kipsala Exhibition Hall

The project will be huge and ambitious, and this feeling will be enhanced by multimedia orientation. "We did not aim to make a great event at any price, trying to jump in on ourselves," Rubin notes. "Yes, in the press, to attract people, this is emphasized, but in our case, multimedialism comes through the idea." It all started more than three years ago when the contest was announced and we did not know how it would be, but we saw that the idea in the beginning also We agreed that it is not essential to split the genres, but we want to combine it all in the story – whether it's going to be a movie or a performance, to integrate everything into a great inseparable performance. Regulations require that dance be classical, contemporary and folk dance as basic genres, but we also come to acrobats, contemporary dance and sports. "

But why are "Malas" capitalized? Because it looks pretty tidy!

"Without dancing, we also take into account all the previous experiences, which in my case are very related to the video – collaboration with Didzis Jaunze is old," says Robert Rubin. "We take what is already ready.

In the centuries, however, the best thing that is made is to compile a good result!

Soon we came to the design stage. In principle, make about the sixth part of opening big Olympic games. We created a set design like a fluttering flag – in the middle of the line: Daugava's destiny, street, railroad or road. Time band passing through and on both sides. The edge, of course, meets. "

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Juris Jonelis: "One of the settings – we wanted" Arena Riga "to open a folded letter that is open and can be seen for 100 years.

But choosing what to do in two hours was not an easy task.

Let's start with our values ​​and inspiration that has burned us and that is the culture of our rights, forcing Latvia to be. To complete all of them in one show, the main story is about Mar – a girl who is 18 on November 18th. We all see through her tune – as if Latvia was eighteen years old. "

Photo: Zane Bitere / LETA

"Abas Malas" in the exhibition hall of Kipsala

Roberts Rubins: "We did the Libretto. First we invented a system of images with Juris, and Rasa Bugaviciute occasionally approached, advised Raimonds Briedis, and then came Reinis and Andris Sāreans who helped with the music and then left with Yuri excessive traits – like bullets that clean their very clever layers … "

Asking what a feeling should be when viewers leave the Arena Arena, the directors do not hide that they thought so much about it at first. One of the thoughts – to get out of the "Arena Rige" and not to go anywhere: stop, understand, stand on the ground, and people around us all around us. And how do we want to live further?

Now the group is working hard to fulfill man's love for our country – that Latvia is not just a word of the day, but our ancestors are still on the ground in the name of the goal.

The feeling must be that we are Latvia – that this country depends on us.

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