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The IKEA store – Nozares – Financenet will open in Estonia

The company is informed that Estonia will be the first country in the world to have a digital solution – Internet commerce. Opening an online store in Tallinn will also open a place to order and receive goods.

Novelty is the arrival of "IKEA" in the Estonian market by opening an online store. The decision was made in the light of the digital maturity of the new market and the readiness to use such an offer, "said IKEA's manager in the Baltic states, adding that such a solution would bring IKEA to the Estonian market as well as many IKEA shop visitors since its opening Riga is from Estonia.

IKEA Online Store In Estonia, there will be a website for different mobile devices that will allow you to purchase it via a computer, tablet or smartphone. The online store will have about 8,000 home improvement products and can be ordered at home or at the time of ordering and receiving goods.

IKEA will order and receive goods in Tallinn, in St. Petersburg 66. The total area will be around 6,000 square meters, including 1,500 square meters for the exhibition hall and planning area, and 4,000 square feet for logistic and e-commerce organization. IKEA will also be able to get advice from employees at the place of ordering and receipt of goods, as well as the purchase of some 200 of the most popular items on the spot.

Johanneson said that IKEA will look for around 30-40 people for work in Estonia.

Currently there are two IKEA stores in the Baltic States – one in Vilnius and one in Riga, as well as two locations for ordering and receiving in Lithuania.

The IKEA store opened in Riga on August 30, 2018. The IKEA trade area in Riga is 34,500 square meters, but the trade area occupies a total of 10 hectares. The total investment in establishing IKEA stores in Latvia amounted to over EUR 50 million.

The "IKEA" franchise in Latvia is "Paul Mason Properties", whose owner also owns an IKEA store in Lithuania and Iceland.

The company "IKEA" was founded in 1943.

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