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The key is the speed that includes / Article / LSM.LV

Clarinet Martins Circemens will have two accountable concerts in five days and on November 9 in the Great Guild will perform the symphonic Rig concert of the composer's clarinet concert of Swedish contemporary composer Rolf Martin Marton, with the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO) returned from the concert tour in Europe, which was held in honor of the centenary of the nation.

"Tours are always interesting because we leave the everyday space and show the best performance to listeners outside the country, and it's also a good motivation to build performance and see people living somewhere else, enjoy the taste of art, food, culture – from the whole salt," Smart Musician , as well as colleagues, was most excited by the Paris Philharmonic.

Concert November 9, in which Martins Circenis, directed by Jonathan Berman, plays Martinson's "Concert Fantastique", makes a passionate story. "When I was studying in Switzerland I had to pick one of my works to complete the study, which was supposed to play at the same time with the Basel symphony orchestra, but all this happened differently: the concert was written in 2010, which was a three year ban – it did not need any other soloist to play as the only one for whom this work was written, so the idea for an unknown time was canceled. "

But a while ago, Martins Circenis addressed Normund Sneem, director of Sinfonietta Rige, about this opus – if so, in his repertoire would be an interesting job that he would be ready to play at any time. The offer was made in the spring, and on November 9, a complex opus is played.

"The basic theme of the work is speed, and the composer called it very artistically – Concert Fantastique, but in the simplest terms, the key is the speed that it records," says Circenis.

He does not hide: "I spent many hours learning – initially it seemed much simpler." It is also difficult to make the soloist perform this piece as well.

Photo: Janis Porietis / janisphoto.com

In November 13, together with the LNSO String Quartet "3 + 1", featuring Violinist Beat Račko, Liene Neya-Kalnina, Artist Štrāls and Cello, Diana Ozoliņa, as well as flute Dita Krenberga and pianist Agnesi Eglin will take part in a binding Latvian Chamber Music "Dedication to Latvia".

In this composition, musicians meet for the first time, and all together perform at the concert of the Chamber Choir Chamber. "With Kin's music I have a very good connection – I did a lot of it because he wrote a lot for the clarinet and the symphony orchestra.

He wrote the music very wisely, intellectually – everything is clearly clear. Unless the work is overly technically complicated, the idea can be read immediately.

In my opinion, this is something that sometimes lacks new authors or those who do not know the record – sometimes it creates misunderstandings.

The second opus to be played in Circus will be the clarinet and string quartet of Georges Pellech's "Rundale Quintet". "There are more solomon, but in Keny we all come together on a common canvas. Two authors speak in a very different musical language – the only common element is the fact that they both represent Latvian music."

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