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The most common mistakes we make over time

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSB), in 2017, residents of Latvia spent on average 13.5% of household income to cover the cost of housing care. These publications include utility commissions – water, electricity, gas and other fuels, but do not include rental of apartments, maintenance costs, television, telephone, etc. c. subscription. Thus, the total expenditure on housing is twice as high. On the other hand, the loner elder in the wallet have a much larger gap – on average make up 25.5% of the earnings of the senior.

The solution to reducing daily spending on utility payments is energy efficiency.

Efficient use of resources

Often, the term "energy efficiency" is associated with the preservation of resources that can turn into discomfort, as it did not illuminate the room in the evening, so as not to consume electricity, but at the same time and too much reading. Often energy efficiency involves the purchase of new and disproportionately expensive electrical appliances or the construction of a new energy-efficient home. Unfortunately, it rarely relates to the way you spend less and you live better without spending the rate.
Energy efficiency is a useful use of energy resources. His goal is to achieve the same job that has achieved the same result as before, with less resource spending. Read on to learn some examples of how to reduce your energy consumption.

Everyday habits

It has been shown that by improving energy consumption the total electricity consumption of the home can be reduced by at least 10%. You just have to start with your habit or change of behavior, for example, when you are in the shower, close the water tap as you pour the body. It saves water and energy for water heating, and at the end of the month, the bill shows a lower price for communal services.
Remember that effective action must be consciously and regularly practiced until it becomes a new and energy-efficient habit over time.

10 suggestions you can start right now

1. If the daily laundry is washed at 40 ° C, it is recommended to lower it and select a mode of 30 ° C – you will spend 25% less electricity and your laundry will be as clean.

2. If the electric kettle is always filled with full boiling water, it is recommended to use only the amount of water needed at this time. Its energy consumption for boiling water can be reduced even 3-4 times.

3. If the refrigerator is installed too close to the wall, it is recommended to move it next to a radiator or a hotplate, such as an oven or direct sunlight. Otherwise, the cooler drains from the outside and spends more electricity to cool the products inside it.

4. If cooking does not place the lid on boilers and dishes, it is certainly desirable to start it. In this way, cooking energy consumption can be reduced by 30%.

5. If you have not cleaned it from purchasing an electric heater or boiler, it is recommended to maintain it. The heating element of the boiler extends over time, increasing the heating water consumption.

These are just some of them Elektra Energy Efficiency Professionals Recommendations Everyone recommends that they put themselves in their daily lives to reduce energy consumption and hence less pay for it. With other recommendations, get acquainted with Esmuefektivs.lv

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