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The New Year's Range, whose reform will continue with the work of the SRS

Ieva Jaunzeme

Ieva Jaunzeme

Photo of Evije Trifanova / LETA

Ieva Jaunzeme, Director of the State Revenue Service (VID), wants to continue the reforms initiated by Ilze Cīrule, former chief of tax administration, Jaunzeme told a press conference on Tuesday at a press conference.

Jaunzeme did not sign up for SID manager's work, but prompted Amro's recruiting company in this competition and her desire to continue with the SRS change that launched Cirule and her team.

According to Jaunez, the SRS should be an understandable and entrepreneurial institution, and it must also represent the values ​​that formulate Cululis – professionalism, co-operation, loyalty and responsibility.

Jaunzeme pointed out that he had met the strategy developed by Círule for the SRS and made sure he wrote a similar document. However, it also sees other development opportunities for the SRS. Jaunzeme is ready to actively combat the gray economy, creating a special role for the SRS for a person who deals with anti-gray economy issues.

New Zealand is also committed to digitization, for example, allowing companies to respond online. Likewise, a candidate for the post of SRS chief believes that companies in the first year of business require special support.

When asked about tax administration experience, Jaunzeme recalled that in Latvia, when they had two tax administrations in Latvia under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Social Welfare (MoW), Jaunzeme led MoW as a revenue department from social affiliates. Jaunzeme has formulated legal acts and developed regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers that are still in force. "I know a lot about social taxes," added the SID manager.

New Zealand also said that SRS is also a repressive institution with investigative function. The expert said that he also had knowledge of this area because he was directly involved in detecting economic crime under the leadership of the Competition Council.

At present, the appointment of New Zealand as SRS leader depends on the next government, with amateurs nominated for the meeting, as long as they are instructed.

"This is going to be the initiative of the new government to invite me to the meeting, and I'm ready to meet and say its priorities." SRS has been working without a manager since March this year, so a new head of the institution will be appointed because the society will get faster ", stressed is New Zealand.

The SRS Director General's position became free after the illness of General Director SRS Ilze Círule died suddenly on March 10, 2018. He served since November 2016.

This year, March 13, the Government appointed the Director-General for Tax Affairs, Director General of Taxation Daci Peelko, Director of SRS's Director-General.

Subsequently, the competition was announced by former Latvian Television Board, Maris Skujins, but withdrew its candidacy after publicly expressing concern over its reputation. The squire has dismissed both of these concerns, calling them "campaign of lies".

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