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The rulers are pleasantly surprised by streets that are not "solved"

Experimentally, six major streets in Riga will not be treated with anti-slip materials or "salt", but will only be cleaned by snow.

"TV3 News" went to one of the experimental streets in Grostonas Street to find out what people think of it. They were all very happy because there was no salt and mud, and the lid was clean. The new mothers are particularly happy because they do not carry a trolley.

The experiment is performed on Grostonas Street from the tops of Scans to Malpils Street, Krāsatājs Street, Aizsaules, Kuldigas Street from Vilipin Street to Slokas Street, Bukaiš, Ropazu from Brīvībasa to Džutas Street.

In order to attract the driver's attention, informative posters were placed on these streets, indicating that the caravans were not treated with anti-slip material.

An experiment will be carried out to assess whether it is necessary to make changes to the conditions of maintenance of Rige's traffic structures, explained in the department.

According to the representatives of the City Council, only highway roads with high traffic intensity and movements of public transport treated with anti-crush material already in Riga, while in the streets of regional significance did not spend the day pass, but the passage is secured by shooting snow.

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