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There are plans to introduce free public transport on several rural roads – Society and Politics – News

Ipići in the district of Rujina is one of these places. At this time the bus is only twice a week – Wednesdays and Saturdays – from Ipiraj to Rujiene as the nearest big city. However, this is only in the summer months because the bus runs from September to June only on Saturdays.

They use it to meet Rujiena market, shops and graves, but it is not possible to come to a family doctor. On Saturday there is no doctor's office on the bus.

– Have you ever needed a cure and something else. The doctor is also needed. You need food, you need a pharmacy. If there is no machine then no. Then you're looking for someone to take you. Salary! "Says Roberts, a resident of Ipi of the district of Rujiena.

The absence of a public bus on a working day, residents of Ipik, were transformed as a lucrative carriage of passengers, driven by the unencrypted, ie carrying their vehicles to Rujien, seeking a return trip of an average of 7 euros. But if it's very urgent, it costs 20 euros.

With just 270 in Ipik, surprisingly, ATD plans to introduce not only more buses, but also free state buses up to 20 kilometers to remote Ruiyah from 2021.

As soon as the locals understand that the bus is regular and in good times, it is possible that people will start using the bus to work in Rujien or take another bus to Valmiera.

"The municipality could engage in and explore how people see when it is needed, at any given time. Each new road construction should be aligned with the needs of the population. The municipality could be an intermediary, "adds Iveta Buņķe, head of parish administration Ipići in the municipality of Rujiena.

Ipiķi-Rūjiena is just one of five scheduled free buses in Vidzeme. With the exception of the Chisel-Kaive route, the rest is concentrated around Aluksne.

Overall, from 2021 onwards, ATD plans to introduce a free ride on at least 18 fields on the route. Most – seven – in the Latgale planning area, mostly providing access to Ludzi, Vilaki, Vilani, Dagdi. Four free buses are planned at Zemgale, including places such as Pilskalne, Sproģi, Rasas, Sunākste, Zilkane, Neret and Aizkraukle. At least two free bus lines, planned in Kurzeme – Liepāja-Barta, Rucava and Kuldiga-Kabile.

"The main goal is to provide mobility for those who live in sparsely populated areas with a small population. The goal is for these people to continue living in the region, in the border area, not motivating and encouraging relocation to cities, "says Kristiāns Godiņš, chair of the Board of Trustees.

However, if there are less than two passengers traveling, the route will be completely cleaned. Knowing that throughout the country such experiments free shipping costs nine million euros a year, some Ipići call it a waste of money.

Ipiikis, however, believes that it would be cheaper and more rational to allow adults to travel by city buses. During the school year, they occasionally run every day to make people work. It is recommended that the state pays more than to organize multi-millionaires with suspicious utility.

In any case, a free Ipiķi bus will be ready. Stop the repair completed this week.

"If we see that statistics do not improve by introducing free shipping, there were two passengers on the route and one or none left, which means there is no demand for such a route and we are likely to close it. If there is still interest, then we eat, "says ATD leader.

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