Sunday , June 20 2021

"VEF Riga" skips dominance, however, at last won Pärnu "Saddam" – Basketball – Sport

The 29th place for Rigans was Andris Misters, 11 points and 11 rebounds for Stevena Zeka, but with Winstom Consil, seven points, nine goals and three tricky bomber.

Meanwhile, Mikkels Kirvess won 19 points for the field, Henry Wade-Chetman dropped 18 points, and Simon Port won 17 points.

The Riga team started in the fourth quarter with a five-point deficit (56:61), but after a break in 13 points, he won a leading position and scored nine points. True, in the past few minutes, the oversimplification was released which allowed the team to score 72:72.

When it was 70 seconds to the end of the main run, Artis Ate was a precision, re-gaining control over the Rangers (75:72). In the last minute they stayed and the wins won.

VEF Riga won TalTech on Wednesday with 95:72. "VEF Riga" won this season in a joint league of six of the seven games and suffered the only loss against its main opponent, "Ventspils". Rulers are less successful in the Unified League, where five losses were played in six games.

"VEF Riga" and Arj Butjankov's striker were split last week, but before that broke out with American amateur Austin Luke, who replaced another US basketball player James Durem. On the other hand, VEF Riga this week completed a test contract with US keeper Beiden Jackson, who has not been in the Estonian team yet.

Meanwhile, basketball players Pärnu have won eight of the nine games this season against the Latvian teams that conquered Liepaja, Valmiera, Jekabpils and the combined Valka and Wallachia units.

The winner of the eight-win tournament in the same match is Tallinn's "Kalev" / Cramo who has "Ventspils" with seven successes in eight games. The third with six wins in seven matches is "VEF Rīga", with five successes in eight matches in Tallinn "Kalev" / TLU and Ogre, but four successes at "Tartu University" in seven dances.

Next with four wins in eight games followed by Italian TalTech, but four successes in nine dances are Pärnu's basketball players "Saddam". Two achievements in four battles are the units of the University of Latvia, Valmiera Glass / Vidzeme University College won three wins in seven games, but three teams in Betsafe / Jurmala and Rapla Avis Utilitas won three games in eight games.

Next with two wins in eight dances, "Liepaja", one achievement in seven games is basketball players Valga-Valka / Maks & Moorits, and the table with the loss of all eight games concludes "Jekabpils" / "".

In the newly established London and Estonian Championships, this season has 15 teams.

Tournament teams will play two rounds of attack, followed by eight top players in the eliminatory games, revealing four final tournaments or Final Four. In turn, then there will be a tournament to exclude the championship duel.

This year, Ventspils became the Latvian champions for the first time since 2014, which won VEF Riga 4-2 in the final season. The Estonian triumph over Tallinn's "Kalev" / "Cramo", which won 4-0 in the final at "Tartu University".

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