Tuesday , April 20 2021

Verpakovsky left presidential position "Liepaja" – Football – Sportacentrs.com

Maris Verpakovskis expressed his gratitude to the city of Liepati in the social network Twitter, where he founded the football club four years ago. "Thank you Liepatija for the belief and the opportunity to create the LiPa" FK, thanks to the joint conquest of the Latvian Gold Championship and proudly raise a Latvian cup in front of us! Thank you for having my best wishes in my home ", Verpakovskis writes.

Portal Verpakovsky Sportacentrs.com confirmed that it was good for the Liepaja team, but could not tell much more.

Verpakovska thanked him for leaving the club, as confirmed by the media officer "Liepaja / Mogo" David Jansson, pointing out that both parties sat on the negotiating table, Verpakovsky's arguments about his desire to spend more time in Riga is also related to family reasons with mutual understanding, agreed to cease co-operation.

"We want Marim the best, thank you for what you did for the club and note the success we have achieved together," Janson said on behalf of the Liepaja club. It was emphasized that Verpakovsky was not accused of deciding on his decision and good relations were maintained, and they hoped that the future of Liepaja and Verpakovsky would again be crossed.

The Verpakov Initiative, in 2014, established the Liepaja football club, which came to the bankruptcy bank "Liepajas metalurga". Verpakovskis made a point for his football career in "Liepati", but as president of the club he led the team to Virsliga Gold and the Latvian champions.

For someone who could take over the presidential duty from Verpakovsky, the "Liepaja" team should have spoken in the meantime, and no specific candidates have been called up so far, Jansons said.

It has already been said that the next stop of Verpakovsky could be RFS. Sportacentrs.com today contacted the RFS Management, which showed that no agreement with Verpakovsky has been reached so far and plans to go to the negotiating table after the end of the Virslige season. Verpakovsky also confirmed this, especially without marking his plans.

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