Monday , January 25 2021

VIDEO: Inserting "Dynamo" pulls the tire and team member

Why Indices,

Latin hockey player Mike Inrash, who is the club of the Continental Ice Hockey League (KHL), Moscow Dynamo, enjoyed the practice of SSSR training during the tug of war.

Dinamo players have experienced the work of experienced coach Vladimir Krikun. He used to play Dynamo Riga at the time of the USSR championship and enjoyed the Kandava training camp in the summer. Also, a trained coach does not protect his players.

Krikun is a typical product of the Soviet hockey school, also using the popular tire that was used during training, and was also enjoyed by the Dinamo players in Moscow, including Indeksis.

The result has won eight goals in 26 games this season, which is the best result in the team, but with 13 points in performance, puts third place among hockey players Dinamo.

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