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Waitress plans to agree on resettlement in Boston on Sunday – Basketball –

Celtics, the 29-year-old Voker, was set as a mid-season priority to replace his star Cairie Evaring and offered him a four-year $ 141m contract. This means that gamblers will receive more than $ 35 million on average per season.

Vocers have spent the last eight seasons in the Charlotte Hornet team. While the previous most successful career season, Michael Hornets, owner of Hornetsa, is not willing to invest enough funds to offer Voker a maximum contract (up to 221 million in five years), so the game leader was expected to change this summer. command.

On Sunday night, free NBA agents can officially start negotiations on new contracts, but they will be able to conclude them from 6 July.

12 million second-placed Vokers had a better career in the previous season, participating in all 82 regular season games and averaging 25.6 points averaging 34.9 minutes, 5.9 passes, 4.4 rebounds, 1.2 preset balls and 2 , 6 mistakes, In return, the 27-year-old Irving in his second season in Boston received 20.1 million and scored 67 games in 33.0 minutes, 23.8 points, 6.9 points, 5.0 rebounds and 2.6 mistakes. Voker participated in the three previous Star Games.

185 centimeters The Vokers spent their entire career with Charlotte's designers / Bobcat, who picked him 2011 with the ninth number. In the same year, Ervings was chosen as the first number, but among them were Deriks Williams, Eness Kant, Trist Tompson, John Valanchun, Jan Veselius, Bismarck Bijabo and Brandon Naits.

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