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We break myths about flu! Top 6 Myths and Their Truth – Health

To avoid the flu, you must first be protected from misconceptions about this contagious viral infection that in humans every day in the cold months leaves people not only their ability to work, but also life. Uga Dumpis, the chief specialist of contagious diseases at the Ministry of Health, explains the most common myth of influenza.

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"How not to be infected with flu, enough immunity is enough"

"Most people are susceptible to influenza viruses, no matter how strong or weak their overall immunity is." It is important to have a specific immunity against influenza virus after smoking removal or after vaccination, if a person experiences a new type of influenza virus, there is a high risk of developing the disease. when the whole new influenza virus, still called a pandemic, affects more people, "says Dumpis.

"If somebody thinks – I will not get sick for the flu, because I'm taking vitamins and athletes, and then you should know – it does not work." Deaths or immature diseases are affected by specific immunity and human genetic characteristics, and the risk of disease increases with stress, tiredness, digestion, unbalanced nutrition, excessive heating and cooling. On the other hand, the severity of the flu is determined by several factors, including the body's response. "There are times when, because of its high immunity, the organism is" too active "to react to influenza viruses and inflammatory processes, it results in more pronounced flu symptoms, which means that the disease is more severe, but usually in these cases, due to its strong immunity, explains Dumpis.

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