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A century-old risk to Arab countries

Dr. Osama Noureddine

Arab attention is focused on the "Peace of Prosperity" conference, known as the "Deal of the Century", held in the capital of Bahrain in Manama on June 25 and 26. This conference has serious consequences not only for the Palestinian cause, after all the historical rights of the Palestinian population have been seized on the land and on the sanctuary, but also on all Arab countries, especially those that fall within the scope of the Great Israel project.
The purpose of this conference is not to proclaim Israel's sovereignty over the reality of its own Palestinian territory and to attract the Palestinian people to the means of abandoning the legitimate right to return, as well as their right to establish their own independent state within the borders of 1967. This cancer-like country is trying to become a regional hub, as Shimon Peres imagined it in its new project in the Middle East, in preparation for the completion of a new colonial plan that will complete the Great Israelian plan.
Anyone who believes that the goal of the peace conference for prosperity to achieve economic prosperity, security and material and moral stability of the encircled Palestinian people on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is actually the most important, because the opposite is the goal of achieving the security, stability and prosperity of Israel and its People. Dangers will be on Arab countries and peoples.
The Zionist government, dominated by an expansionist ideology, will not be satisfied with what is under his hands, but will spread and spread, but this time it is not at the expense of the Palestinian state that has been eliminated, but on the account of neighboring Arab countries and even neighboring countries . This state will not stop the spread of rebellion and conspiracy and undermine the security and stability of these countries so that it can complete its expansionist plan in the region and establish a large country.
This is evidenced by the recent Zionist actions by which Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel in flagrant violation of international norms, laws and alliances, and according to Zionist claims, Jerusalem is the capital of Great Israel, as well as the Israeli decision to merge the Golan and American confession, And Islamic in the region and the world.
Accordingly, the entity and its supporters in the country and abroad are working to resolve the Palestinian nightmares, according to their claims, because the Palestinian people who resist them is the wall of resistance that always prevents their plans and pushes them into the interior and prevents them from getting stuck and stabilize, Since the founding of Israel and the liberated Palestinian territories, the main obstacle to Zionist plans, as was achieved by former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1992, said: "I hope I will wake up to sleep and see that Gaza swallows the sea." This reflects the level of concern and boredom caused by the Palestinian territories to the Zionist entity.
Thus, the least that can be offered to the Palestinian people is the rejection of plans aimed at abolishing its state and its legitimate rights, in particular the right to return and establish an independent state within the borders of 1967, and miss the opportunity for Zionist forces trying to exploit the situation of Arab weakness finished act.

This article "The Threat of Centuries in Arabic Countries" is adapted from Al Watan (Oman) and does not reflect the politics of the place or standpoint in any way, and responsibility lies at the source of the original news.

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