Sunday , June 20 2021

At Fayrouz's birthday, you know her most prominent political positions

Lebanese singer Fairouz celebrates its 83rd birthday on Wednesday.

Though he was far from the media or controversial political statements, he had two main positions in his career.

It was the first in 2008 when the anti-Baathist group was criticized in Syria after singing in Damascus.

The second position, caused by her son, musician Ziad Rahbani, in 2013, when she screamed that her mother loved Hassan Nasrallah, Lebanese leader Hezbollah, provoking angry reactions, urging his sister Rome and a spokesperson in the name of her mother to issue a statement confirming that her mother will not answer this news.

The statement said, "I assure you of my position, and of this house, and my duty and duty to keep Fayrouz's respect for her name, her career, her mission, her work, her past, the present, and the way of dealing with things." Fayrouz he was dealing with Fayrouz, not just speculations and speculations at Fayrous account but do not panic because the fate of this campaign will be like any campaign that preceded it, which is known.

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