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Basili's policy is to oppose troops on Christian Street

"Reconciliation in the mountain is historic, and Lebanese forces have warned against damaging it because it was the entrance to a major reconciliation nationwide from 2005 to the present," MP George Akis said in a television interview.

He emphasized "the need not to introduce the language of the Lebanese war and the return of barricades just to gain political points for the future or to deliver a political message to opponents by a particular party," adding: The current era uses a bridge in its battle, noting that "Bassil- this policy was based on three axes so that he could dedicate his right to run for president.First Lebanese enemy forces on Christian Street, the second axis neutralizes Prime Minister Saad Hariri.The third axis is to preserve his alliance with Hezbollah.

He stressed that it was not in Bassil's interest to focus on the next presidency, but that it would be better for that era to come out with a financial and economic victory, noting that “ a budget for 2020 should be passed as opposed to 2019 with transparency, realism and managing money to serve the Lebanese peoples and the middle class & # 39; & # 39 ;.

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