Saturday , January 23 2021

Cartier carries Ahli's formation in the upcoming time

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JEDDAH (Reuters) – French coach Patrice Cartier has decided to make several changes to the team over the next period after the reds lost their African title in Esperance on Friday with a 3-0 victory at Rades Stadium.

The Technical Director has announced he will not pay to some of the players whose level has dropped significantly over the past period and has failed to take advantage of many opportunities approved by the technical staff led by Mido Jaber and Islamic Warrior Marwan Mohsen and Salif Kulibaly.

According to the technical staff standpoint, these players did not do exactly what they have and that their device is used and gives them a lot of opportunities to objectively and impartially assess them, but the players were not responsible, so the French coach Ahli gradually excludes players from team formation and gives the opportunity to those who are better than them. They were led by Salah Mohsen and Mohammed Sharif.

Carrton also strongly focused on returning the Sheriff Ekrama to the team's matches after having received numerous opportunities and appeared many times since he had obvious mistakes and influence on some important games, perhaps the most important sponsor that would punish Al-Tarji in the final stages of Africa in Burj Al Arab, had a major influence on the seizure of Ahlija's African title.

In the opinion of technical staff that it makes sense to get Sharif Ikram again after working hard in the past, he did not pose any problem and was an example of dedication and played his role as a team leader along with his many years of experience that he always qualifies for defending Al Ain .

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