Sunday , April 11 2021

Detention of 3 Turks who assisted in the air smuggling of Carlos Ghosn to Lebanon

A court in Istanbul has decided to imprison three Turks after they were convicted of helping former director of the Japanese group “Renault-Nissan” Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan to Lebanon in late December 2019.
The court ordered the imprisonment of a senior official in the company “MNG Jet” for renting private aircraft associated with the ship group “MNG Cargo” Okan Kosaman, pilot Noian Basin and Bahri Kotla Sumik, 4 years and two months, and a fine of 31 thousand pounds for ” smuggling of migrants “.
The two pilots were threatened with a maximum prison sentence of 12 years when they were charged last month with complicity in a conspiracy to smuggle a migrant. During yesterday’s court hearing, they pleaded not guilty, claiming they were unaware of Ghosn’s presence on their plane. “They asked us to fly a plane and we did,” Basin said. Prior to transporting Ghosn, who was smuggled from Japan into a box of musical instruments, he threatened a person in Lebanon before transferring Ghosn, who was smuggled from Japan into a box of musical instruments, that he would kill members of his family. transferred to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul and transferred by plane and another to Lebanon.
Ghosn, 66, was arrested in Japan in November 2018 and remained in prison for 130 days before organizing a daring escape that embarrassed the Japanese judicial authorities and raised questions about who was involved.

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