Friday , March 5 2021

Dropbox brings editing and sharing features across all platforms

Cloud Service "Drop Box" To share and save files and search for the main update, connect to the platform to integrate it. Because it will provide add-ons that allow sharing of files and their different types on other platforms, and will enable the modification directly through the platform.

The move follows the signing of the platform with Adobe, DocuSign, Autodesk, Vimio Video, AirSlate, HelloSign, Nitroom, Smallpdf and Pixlr.

New updates enable users to change and log PDF files directly to the network in various ways, which confirms new partner platforms in this area. The network will allow you to print files or store them directly over the scanner and send them in a simple way.

Users will also be able to process and edit updates and comments on videos and photos directly on the platform without having to do it elsewhere and then upload them. Of course, it will be easy to share and sync files to edit all authorized users to review them.

Drop Box merged with Zoom to make video calls across the platform and enable the OCR scan and OCR feature, which makes it a major business attraction with the latest updates.

New updates will be available to users on November 27, and there are hundreds of billions of different files on the platform, the user will find an integrated environment to perform most of the tasks without having to adjust and reboot on the platform as before.

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