Monday , January 25 2021

Hariri discusses with the leader of the development of a free patriotic movement of government formation

Prime Minister

Lebanese Prime Minister-appointed Saad Hariri

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri held talks Monday with Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Patriarch Gebrane Bassil on the latest political developments in the country, particularly those related to the formation of a new government.
Earlier in the morning, Bassil held a meeting with parliament speaker Nabi Berri, pointing out that there are visions for working on resolving the crisis of insisting some Sunni members (the alliance with Hezbollah) on appointing one of them in the new government. May perceptions be accepted by all parties to the crisis and forming a government of national unity, emphasizing the adherence to the survival of Hariri as the leader of the task of forming a government.
Hariri will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss political events and events in the formation of the government, particularly after the attacks by Secretary General Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah on Hariri and a large number of political forces and religious leaders and his threat that the party will not allow the formation of a government even if needed only for representation His allies are members of the Sunni community from the political team on March 8th.
At the end of last week, Hariri ended the consultations on forming a new government, the latest obstacle to ministerial representation on the Lebanese party, who announced the consent to participate in government in the light of the ministerial quota before it and has already submitted a list of candidates for the portfolio.
In the final moments of final cabinet consultations, Hezbollah has demanded that a number of its allies, Sunni community members in government, be assigned to the ministry, against the ministerial quota of the future movement, Lebanon's largest political representative led by Saad Hariri. And strongly opposed Hariri, stressing that it will not be allowed even if it is necessary to apologize for informing the government.
In rejecting the ministerial representation of six parliamentarians who are related to Hezbollah, Hariri is based on the fact that the Future Movement has a large majority of the Sunni community in Lebanon and that the "popular voice" has shown that these members of the team for March 8 Less than 9% votes in recent elections and not forming a solidary parliamentary block, but members of parliamentary blocks already exist and therefore can not be represented by the ministry or otherwise, twice calculated.

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