Friday , April 16 2021

Head of Mission at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The Executive Board of the Lebanese Olympic Committee held a working session as part of its successive sessions to administer administrative, technical and technical issues. It was chaired by the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Pierre Jalakh, and was attended by members, at the Committee’s headquarters in the Baabda region. During the session, Secretary General Brigadier General Hassan Rostom and on behalf of the board member Engineer Mazen Ramadan, Head of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Mission, were briefed on the latest preparations regarding Lebanon’s participation in the Olympic event, as well as the list of initial registration of the Lebanese mission. will be board members, Attorney Francois Saadeh and Vice President Grand Master Sami Qiblawi, provided that the full names of the mission will be announced upon completion of the qualification to be held over the next period. It was agreed that a member of the committee, lawyer Francois Saadeh, would be appointed head of the delegation of the Winter Olympic Games in China – Beijing in 2022.

Participation in the Islamic Games of Solidarity in the Turkish city of Konya in the period from 10 to 19 September 2021 has also been approved. A board member, lawyer Francois Saadeh, was appointed chairman of the medical board, and Mr. George Abboud chairman of the women’s and sports committee.

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