Wednesday , March 3 2021

Health sources expected an increase in the number of injuries

Building: Health sources told Al-Binaa that the number of injuries would increase daily until next week due to this overcrowding in grocery stores and bakeries.

Al-Binaa has learned that the Lebanese army will continue to support the poorest families registered with it with 400,000 pounds, but labor sources pointed out to Al-Bina that this help is not enough and warned of negative social consequences for citizens, which will increase poverty and hunger. , which will get even worse and appear. Apparently in the form of protest movements in the streets after the conquest of the country.

Health sources stressed to Al-Binai that “the decision to close will not reduce the number of coronary infections, but only aims to relax the medical body.” The number of injuries is expected to remain high over the coming months until the first part of Lebanese is vaccinated to create collective immunity in addition to the resulting immunity. Hundreds of thousands of citizens were injured throughout the worker.

Transitional government health minister Hamad Hassan revealed that “the number of hospital beds has increased by 200 over the past five days, bringing the total number of intensive care beds in private hospitals to between 582 and 202 in government hospitals.”

He pointed out that the classification of hospitals that violate the provisions will be reduced, contracts with them will be suspended, and the license will be frozen until the beds are secured, because we expect an increase in the number of deaths in intensive care because we are in a health emergency.

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