Sunday , January 24 2021

Honorable meeting in memory of forty young youths Ghassana Samija al – Beqaj

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Youth Youth, Ghassan Sami Al-Beqa & Al-Nahda Sports Club – Ain Al-Hilweh held a football match on the Siblin College Playground between Al-Nahda Club and Ain Al-Hilweh Club.

The leaders and administrators of the Palestinian and Lebanese clubs attended the match as well as the crowds.

The meeting was opened by reciting Fatihaha in the spirit of late Saman Al-Beqa's gassan, and then talked to President Al-Nahda's club, entrepreneur Ziad Al-Beqai, who thanked Siblin College for holding this anniversary.

The match was marked by an impressive 6 minutes into the match between the two teams, and he could only finish the game with a hat trick. 3 – 3 was the halftime score.

At the end of the match, Palestinian state advisor in Lebanon Sami Al-Beka & # 39; s got a trophy from both teams in honor of the deceased.

In addition, the Burj Al-Shamali Nahdha Administration provided significant shields to Al-Nahda Club, Ain Al-Hilweh, and consultant Sami Al-Bekaieu.
President Al Nahda's club Ain Al-Hilweh handed businessman Ziyad Al-Beqa's advisor Baka & Dara to Siblino's course as a sign of gratitude and gratitude received by Principal Samer Sarhan, and a special shield was presented to guests before two teams received medals.

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