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Kadir Duglo is jealous of Neslihan … "True manhood is not like that"

In a lengthy interview with Turkish Post, Kadir Duglo, husband of actress Neslihan Atagol, spoke about his relationship with wife Neslihan, jealousy and love, and whether jealousy forced him to prevent her from acting. Is it reasonable to ask her to leave her job and sit at home? He added: "This can never and does not come out of my mouth or my heart a single word or behavior that offends and will not happen."

Kadir spoke in more detail about Neslihan and women's freedom and the topic of male domination in Turkey, noting that with women's freedom, "Unfortunately, in the region where we live, men try to control women. They think they are stronger and taller and act on that basis . " "Real masculinity is never like that. It's not about preventing women from wearing shorts or going out with friends or from home. Pressure on them is not masculinity. You have to stand with the woman and respect her freedom."

As for jealousy, he said that he was related to the same person, and that if they caused the other party's injustice, it was the biggest mistake of his life, emphasizing that he was jealous of Neslihan, but trying to deal with being a star and having an audience.

As for whether his love for Neslihan changed with the days, he confirmed that Neslihan was his loved one who chose him as his wife and will remain his only lover throughout his life. Even after life, he could not become his girlfriend, sister or relative, but would be his only love on this earth.

Neslihan and Kadir have been married for three years and have not yet given birth, and when asked if they thought about it, "We hope we're both healthy, but we don't sit and discuss it privately." It's for us. "He concluded, 'Everything happens on time. "

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