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Kanaan: Monday we will bleed the Gospel

The head of the Finance and Budget Committee, Ibrahim Kanaan, welcomed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Gibran Bassil at the end of his tour.

"Our project is to preserve diversity and those who are present believe in the alliance and we should not let them down with the freedom of Lebanon to fight against corruption," Kanaan said.

He pointed out that we "walked in the northern part of Mtn with weighing in difficult conditions."

Kanaan wanted to "bleed you on Monday night with the last meeting of the Annunciation Committee, which stopped the gossip and moved the country to a new economic phase."

Bassil considered that "it is our duty to work and love to work and to give a model to work, not speech, speculation and obstruction".

Bassil said that "when people ask any minister, it is more than the response of ministers of the free patriotic movement, as well as in parliamentary committees through the Finance Committee and other committees headed by the current."

He emphasized that "we are in politics who speaks and does not produce and the ugly to stop talking but lies"

He pointed out that "this alliance marks the beginning of the return of national legitimacy to the presidency of the Republic and that is what we have and will not give up."

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