Tuesday , January 19 2021

Learn more about the dangers of "pasta"

Pasta dieting is known in the last few years but there is a doctor who discovered the risks for people when he followed this diet.

Nutritionists and lecturers at the Russian Academy of Science "Margherita Karalova" warned that with the "pasta" When you follow this type of diet, you will not experience unusual health symptoms at first but long lasting persistence (months or years) will have a bad effect on your health and you will experience symptoms of inactivity, nausea, and spore cognition.

Caral confirmed that the dangerous thing in such diets is to eat high carbohydrates daily, which can cause pancreatic dysfunction, and the incidence of type II diabetes, as well as those who follow these types of diet do not get enough of the vegetables and fruits that they provide vitamins and salts Minerals necessary for the functioning of the immune system.

"Noodle Diet" is a diet that has become widely known in recent years, and during a person's course, one has to adhere to specific amounts of pasta and starch daily, along with proteins and specific samples of vegetables and fruits.

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