Saturday , June 19 2021

Municipalities of Baiabria and Akkari appeal to interested parties to intervene to remove storm damage

MP Walid al-Bareini, Union of Municipalities of Jerd al-Qaeda, Municipality of Fnideq, her dignitaries and her officials, said in a statement that "a storm that witnessed Lebanon destroyed tree trees, trees and pines in Fneideq, causing ecological catastrophe in every sense words ".

The statement added: "From the very first moment, the municipality has dealt with this catastrophe, but due to the huge areas of storm and to end this file and to preserve the rest of the forest wealth, we appeal to three leaders to help the municipality, and not lose our national wealth in our region on the terrible economic situation and the urgent need for people. "

He concluded: "We will remove the cover of anyone who violates the law and does not respect the decisions of the state and municipalities that will protect the wealth of the region."

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