Friday , March 5 2021

Protection of forest areas and control of violations

Mayor Fneideqa Ahmed Al-Barini called on the Ministry of Agriculture and General Manager and Head of Department at Akkar to give municipalities permission to control injuries and prevent people from approaching, rather than cutting trees, we did not find the necessary attention to this topic and bear the costs of a forest center located in a city that does not exist There are two elements and there was no vehicle to move. This points to the Ministry's interest in these unique forests, particularly in the Al-Azar forest.

He pointed out that he "called for military leadership and we know that the citizen is not afraid only of this honorable military institution, which is the backbone of Lebanon, and there is no difference between citizens and other interests of the homeland, also found a slow and unchecked urgency and necessity to protect these forests from attacking citizens who have spiked trees, claiming that the storm destroys them. "

"We have kept it as much as possible to protect these forests and ask for wise military leadership to give orders to those who need to preserve the rest of these forests and in cooperation with the Fneideq municipality because the Ministry of Agriculture does not care about this issue and General Director of Renovation Center Fnideq Al- Qamou and his processing and found no interest in destroying these forests. "

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