Sunday , April 11 2021

Raids and arrests at the Barcelona club

A Catalan regional police spokesman said they stormed the headquarters of Barcelona, ​​Spain’s second football league, yesterday and carried out several “arrests” as part of an operation aimed at, according to media reports, former President Josep Maria Bartomeu, six days before his presidential election. A spokesman for the Catalan regional police declined to reveal the identity of the detainee, saying only that police were “preparing arrests”.

But according to several media outlets, including Radio Cadena Ser who is well versed in the affairs of the Blaugrana club, Bartomeu is one of them. Cadena Ser has also confirmed the arrest of current club general manager Oscar Grau and legal director Roman Gómez Ponte.
According to Spanish media, the raid and the search at the club’s headquarters in Barcelona are connected to the investigation of the “Parsagite” case, which appeared a year ago.
On February 17, 2020, FC Barcelona denied that this was the reason for the slander campaign aimed at prominent club personalities on social media to improve the image of President Bartomeu, who resigned on October 27.
Radio Cadena Ser revealed in the investigation that Barcelona had paid one million euros in six separate accounts to the company “i3 Ventures”, with which the club had meanwhile severed ties.
At the time, Bartomeu defended himself by saying, “Are they assigned to control social media websites? The answer is yes. Are they accused of defaming people or institutions on social media sites? The answer is no.
This police operation comes six days before the presidential election at the club in Barcelona scheduled for Sunday, when the “Socios” (fans – shareholders of the club) will be invited to choose between Joan Laporta, Tony Fritz and Victor Font.

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