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Raya Hassan "confronts" the Patriarch of the Patriarch with evidence

The visit of Patriarch Mar Bechar Boutros Al-Rahi, Minister of the Interior and Municipalities of Ray Al-Hassan, to Diman on Tuesday was a "smart, honest, clear and straightforward" step. Al-Hassan carried his files in his hand and provided the shepherd with first-hand evidence and evidence documented in forensic reports, which refute allegations of torture of detainees of the "one sect", the Christian community, in the Information Section. It also discredited suspicion of indictment on indiscriminate allegations of division and the claim that it intentionally opened cases and cases of corruption that pertain exclusively to members of the Christian community.

"With all transparency"
When she left the meeting, al-Hassan was able to "answer" the shepherd at Diman's door without naming him. He openly rejected it, cutting security services in political and sectarian debates. "We must not involve the security services in any political troubles, as they harm their reputation and the reputation of Lebanon. It is important that we deviate from military command, state security and public security, internal security, from political rivalries. It harms us as Lebanese, Muslims. and Christians. "

Al-Hassan reaffirmed his full willingness to provide all the details: "If his Beatitude has any investigation, the Department does not target any sect, and I am convinced. We work with transparency and professionalism. I speak for myself as Minister of the Interior because our work "I do not harm any group. I gave him reports and evidence that our detainees had not been subjected to any kind of torture and abuse, his bliss had certain concerns, and I announced to him that I was ready at any moment to be aware of all things. establishes security. "

Witnesses fake and Susan Haj
Returning to an "offensive" statement by Patriarch Al-Rahi, which has raised a lot of pressure that coincides with the arrest of Lt. Col. Suzanne al-Haj, accused of producing employment records for playwright Ziad Itani, on the back of social media accounts suspected to be related to them, accounts attacking the Director General of the State Security Brigade, Imad Othman, a shepherd, accused the division of "making files of people of one religion." He then launched his cry to deny the torture rumors that were being carried out in the "basements of the security forces and the Information Department during the investigation," asking General Osman "How to accept the fabrications of people of one religion and one doctrine?" Then Osman replied "who testified to falsehood before the shepherd's patriarch," applying what is stated in the Bible: "The false witness does not renounce."

According to a subsequent source, there is political and confused permission for the shepherd to "rise" before the Information Department and General Osman, and until the populist-Aouni campaign takes on a deep "religious" dimension strengthens the conditions of confrontation with the "Department". As a reminder, Al-Haj, who has strong ties to his wife Ziad Hobeish and patriarch Al-Rahi, remained under investigation for eight hours on the day of the division's attack. Although this long hold-up in the investigation is right at the expense of "psychological warfare" against the accused, but there is a "Christian atmosphere" in which it reads an explicit attempt to humiliate and heal, while covering its community after "behavior" that merited expulsion and imprisonment. .

Christian-Aouni's anger over the Information Department, not only against the backdrop of the pilgrims, but also on the corruption case files investigated by the "Department", and extended to some Christian judges connected to the current stream, not to mention her investigations in the incident file Qabrshmoun did not come across the "Tastes" of the current trend of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, on the basis that what happened was an ambush for either the assassination of him or the assassination of Minister Saleh al-Gharib.

An exceptional minister
Faced with this reality, Al-Hassan's visit to the patriarch happened to put dots on letters face-to-face and suppress sectarian campaigns indiscriminately, and even some sort of desire to openly and media neutralize the security apparatus from political and sectarian conflicts. As for the statements of "priests" in politics, the similar nerves and stubbornness of the "guards" of the sects and their leaders on the Social Media site, this remains one of the consequences of the shortcomings of Lebanon, which has turned into "sectarian" reserves run by its "tribes."

In context, former MP in the "Future Bloc" of Dr. Mustafa Alloush's "cities," that Minister Hassan proves day by day that he is "an exceptional Home Secretary for all of Lebanon." Patriarch Al-Rahi "either has false information or entered a wave of defense against targeting Christians, which is a mistake, especially since there are hundreds of Islamic detainees and other sects who have already been said to have been tortured during interrogation and abuse scandals."

But will Hassan's move remove the offensive wave against the "branch of information": "Of course, you cannot eliminate it completely, and the debate will remain as long as the Lebanese sectarian structure remains the same, sectarian and political." It is a formula that does not detract from security and judicial authorities from their conflicts and calculations.

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