Thursday , March 4 2021

Sarah Al-Tunisi replaced Haifa Wehbe in the “civil war”

Cairo- Tunisian actress Sarah Al-Tunisi has been chosen to participate in the Egyptian series “Civil War,” which will air in the next Ramadan season, instead of Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe.

Haifa Wehbe has sparked controversy over an apology for participating in the deal due to preoccupation with preparing for another job and fear of disrupting travel procedures between Cairo and Beirut due to the Corona virus.

Haifa Wehbe is retiring from "Civil war"
Haifa Wehbe withdraws from “civil war”

Series producer Jamal Al Adl revealed during his running of the Arabic program “The Insider” that the role Haifa Wehbe was supposed to play in the series became Sarah Al-Tunisi.

The “Civil War” series, starring Yousra, brings together a group of Arab stars, including two Syrian stars, Jumana Murad, Basil Khayyat and Lebanese artist Cynthia Khalifa.

Significantly, news has previously spread about the solution of the place of Syrian actress Jumana Murad for the place of Haife Wehbe in the series, which was supposed to start filming in mid-December, but was postponed due to the infection of actress Yusra with the Corona virus.

Sara Al-Tunisi, who won the title of Miss Tunisia and the Arab world in 2017, has previously participated in a number of Egyptian works, as she began her artistic career in Egypt by presenting Khaled Youssef’s film “Karma”.

The Tunisian actress appeared in the series “100 Wesh”, the last Ramadan, and in 2019 she played the role of Umm Yasmine Sabri in the series “Hakayati”, which offered a job for some critics, because the Tunisian actress appeared younger than the Egyptian star, and makeup and artificial wrinkles failed to make it. You look older.

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