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Spice Girls returns to the stage without Victoria Beckham

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – 11:38
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Tuesday, November 6, 2018 – 11:38

British Spice Girls said on Monday it will reunite and London will be in June, without Victoria Beckham being a member of the team.

"News is from Spica," the team said on Twitter. "Tickets will be on sale on Saturday at 10:30."

The video that watched the twilight included recordings of all members except Victory Beckham and was accompanied by the title "Friendship never stops: Spice Girls announces the British tour surprisingly."

The team consisted mostly of five members: Victoria Beckham (Bush Spice), Melanie Schizolm (Spice Spice), Emma Pantone (Baby Spice), Mile Bee (Scherry Spice) and Jerry Horner, sometimes known as Jerry Halliwell.

"Four of us must be back," said Mel P at the talk show at ITV. "But Victoria Beckham can join us at some point."

Haleywell withdrew from the 1998 team and the rest of the team scattered after the release of Forever in 2000, and the team reunited on the 2007-2008 tour. And he suggested a further reunion in 2018.

The band, which was founded in 1994, has sold tens of millions of albums during its career, and songs such as Wanabe and Sai Yu Well are selling the world's selling list.

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