Tuesday , June 15 2021

The meeting of the Republic condemns the violation of Hariri's authority

The meeting of the Republic (a political group led by former Lebanese President Michele Sleiman) condemned the attack by some political forces in Lebanon, by violating the constitutional powers of the named prime minister Saad Harira, which led to the obstruction of forming a new government. government.

Participants of the periodic meeting that will meet with the Republic – today – do not link the interests of Lebanese citizens, the government with which obstructions and disputes, classifications and conflicts are not familiar with ministerial quotas.

The meeting stressed the need to present the best personalities of experts to form a government that would improve crisis management after Lebanon entered some sort of economic isolation. This is the most dangerous thing a country can undergo while the range of international sanctions approaches Lebanese groups.

Participants of the social league at the meeting, the need to engage all ministers of their daily work and disengagement from their ministries, including the head of government and in charge of forming a new government, pointing out that the Lebanese peoples no longer accept the "obstruction of the game" in forming a new government, Front of Hariri " Tight and sometimes curled and exposed ".

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