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The most important news of the day in the Arab world and the world – Sunday, February 28, 2021

During the last hours, the world witnessed accelerated events, both in the Arab and international levels, and the most important news of the day were:

The most important news of the day in the Arab world and the world
The most important news of the day in the Arab world and the world

Today’s news in Syria 👇👇

  • “Dead and wounded” in the crash of a Russian helicopter in Al-Hasakah … and Russian defense forces explain

Today, Sunday, local sources in Hasaka reported that three Russian soldiers and the commander of a Russian helicopter were killed after it crashed in the northwestern town of Tal Tamer in the governor’s village.

According to sources, the Russian plane crashed between the villages of Al-Rayhaniyah and Al-Qasimia, located northwest of the city of Tal Tamer in Hasaka Governorate.

She explained that the crash site is only 2 km away from one of the Russian bases in the region, and is also close to the area of ​​Turkish influence.

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  • Despite court bankruptcy, South African MTN group sells its share for sale in Syria and sets price

The Reuters news agency reported today, Sunday, that the South African telecommunications group MTN has confirmed that it is committed to negotiations on the sale of its stake in its Syrian unit, although it is subject to judicial custody.

– According to the agency, the share of the telecommunications group in its Syrian unit is 75%, and it is ready to sell it for 65 million dollars.

A spokeswoman for the South African company said: “MTN Group remains committed to implementing the agreement agreed with Telinvest to sell its 75% stake and loans for a total of $ 65 million.”

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Today’s news in the Arab world 👇👇

  • Will America impose sanctions on the Saudi heir to the throne regarding Khashoggi? … Washington clarifies!

Today, Sunday, U.S. media reported, citing U.S. administration spokeswoman Jane Psaki, that the United States has “better ways” than imposing sanctions on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, behind the “Khashoggi case” because he is one of the leaders of the state.

According to CNN, the White House’s justification for not imposing sanctions on the Saudi prince came during spokeswoman Saki’s response to a reporter’s question about why no sanctions were imposed on the person behind the assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to US intelligence.

Psaki said in her response: “Throughout history, and even during the modern era, democratic and republican administrations have refrained from imposing sanctions on foreign government leaders who have diplomatic relations with us, even in the absence of diplomatic relations between us.”

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  • Egypt’s theater professions mourn Youssef Shaaban … and his funeral will take place tomorrow and be buried on October 6

Egypt’s head of acting professions, artist Ashraf Zaki, has confirmed that artist Youssef Shaaban has died shortly after battling the Corona virus he has contracted in recent days, revealing that the funeral of artist Youssef Shaaban will take place tomorrow.

During statements for the Al-Masry Al-Youm website, Ashraf Zaki added that the funeral will take place tomorrow morning and the body will be removed from Agouza Hospital, provided burial will take place at the family cemetery on October 6 at way Wahat. “

Significantly, the late artist was infected with the new Corona virus and transferred to the isolation of Agouza Hospital.

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  • A major attack carried out by the Houthis in the “Saudi background” and pledged to expand the attacks

The Houthis announced today, Sunday, that a large offensive operation was carried out in the “Saudi background”, using a ballistic missile and 15 drones.

Ansar Allah (Huti) spokesman Yahya Saree said in a statement on Twitter that “the air force and missile forces have carried out a large and joint offensive operation against the Saudi background,” in an operation called the “Fifth State of Intimidation.”

He added that this operation continued “from last night, Saturday to this morning, using a Zulfiqar-type ballistic missile and 15 drones”.

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  • The Biden administration clarifies what is meant by the upcoming “announcement” of Saudi Arabia

An official source in the Biden administration said on Sunday that the announcement about Saudi Arabia spoken about by US President Joe Biden was intended to provide more details about the sanctions announced by the State Department last Friday.

A senior official told the US website Al-Hurra that more details on sanctions against Saudi Arabia would be provided and no new steps would be revealed.

The official added that “the reassessment of relations with Saudi Arabia by the Biden administration began on January 20, after his arrival at the White House, and has continued until now.”

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  • The deputy chief of staff of the Somali army survived the assassination attempt

Somali media reported today, Sunday, citing security sources, that Somali Deputy Chief of Staff Abbas Amin survived the assassination attempt because his convoy was targeted in Hadan district in the center of the capital Mogadishu, using a landmine.

– According to Somali media, eyewitnesses confirmed that an explosive device exploded in the Hadden area near the site of the former Turkish embassy in Mogadishu, along with the passage of a vehicle carrying the deputy chief of staff of the Somali army

Eyewitnesses said: “Amin escaped injury, but 2 escort soldiers were killed and 4 others were wounded, including civilians and soldiers.

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Today’s news in the world 👇👇

  • Renewed protests in Myanmar dead, diplomat vows to “resist coup”

Myanmar police continue to crack down on weeks of protests against the military coup, and on Sunday two protesters were killed and several others wounded.

Politician Kyaw Min Hteiki, from the southern city of Dawei, said police opened fire in the city, killing protesters and wounding several other protesters, according to Reuters.

The Dawi Watch media agency also reported that at least one person was killed and more than 12 were injured.

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  • Tehran has disappointed us … the diplomatic dispute between Turkey and Iran over intervention in Iraq

Today, Sunday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned Tehran’s ambassador to Ankara, amid Iranian statements accusing Turkey of violating Iraq’s sovereignty and occupying its countries.

In a statement, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that what we expect from Iran is to support Turkey in its fight against terrorism, not to oppose it.

Ankara’s call from the Tehran ambassador followed statements by Iranian ambassador to Iraq Ern Masyedi, who said: “We reject military intervention in Iraq, and Turkish forces must in no way pose a threat to or occupy Iraqi countries.”

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  • Tehran rejects European offer to negotiate with Washington

The American Wall Street Journal quoted Western diplomats as saying that “Iran has rejected a European offer to discuss a nuclear deal with Washington.”

The newspaper noted that Iran’s refusal to negotiate could escalate tensions between Tehran and Washington over the coming period.

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Shoot today 👇👇

  • When the Iraqi army occupied Saudi Arabia … the liberation of Khafji, the first and last battle for Qatar

  • The documentary Battle of Barbarossa is the largest military operation in human history

This is the most prominent news of the day witnessed by the Arab world and the world, and the Step news agency managed to document it, while more details can be followed through the website and our other platforms on social media websites.

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