Friday , January 22 2021

Today's legislation avoids escalating the party

Sources from the future block told Al-Liwa daily that members of the bloc will attend the meeting today, regardless of Sayyut Hassan Nasrallah's position, leaving that question to President Saad Hariri at his press conference on Tuesday, "If others want to raise the question of the government, we will answer. "

The sources explained that the extraordinary meeting held yesterday in the evening magazines in the "Center House" was devoted to discussing the topics of the agenda of the meeting, involving articles of about 39 items, and at the end of the debate it was decided that the Union would go to projects related Only on Legislation Needed, Projects or legislative proposals that are not necessarily linked will not walk in the cluster, especially as most of the agenda, according to what block sources are not covered by the statutory necessity of regulation, which is the tenth quarter of London's parliamentary session depending on the course of the draft project or proposal the bill, Nabih Berri, note that the Day of Meeting coincides with a press conference to be held tomorrow by Prime Minister Hariri at the "Center House", where he is expected to attend all Union representatives, and Berri should either raise a meeting or leave his destiny under rotation quorum, Lebanese "have already booked the law with the government's departure, and most of the cases n and the agenda does not put them in the category of emergency, and they will not vote on them, said Pierre Bo Asi, Minister of Social Affairs, yesterday evening.

According to parliamentary sources in the "Future" meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of MP Bahia Hariri, reading Nasrallah's views, but it was decided to leave the prime minister in the direction that will be released tomorrow and for consultations to be held today with Bloc deputies on the margins of parliamentary sessions.

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