Tuesday , June 15 2021

Tunisian Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud won the Carthage Film Festival

From Mohamed El Arqobi

TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisian director Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud has won the Golden Tanit Prize for competition at the 29th edition of the Carthage Film Festival, which was closed on Saturday night.

The film is a Tunisian / Belgian production starred by Ahmed El-Hafian, Ghalia Ben Ali, Sara El Hanachi, Ramzi Aziz and Mohamed Sassi Ghorbal. The film tells the story of Tunisia living in France and returns to their country to attend the funeral of a son who died in a car accident but reveals that the late son was active in a militant cell who wanted to know his son took over the lead.

"Cinema as a whole, cultural production play their part to open the eyes of young people and protect them from the bloody criminal deviations that target our country," said Ben Mahmoud after receiving the award. "The award was awarded to film assistants with a technical camera, representatives and producers."

The Egyptian film "Day of Religion" Abu Bakr Shawki received the Silver Tanit Award, while the bronze tannery for the Syrian film "War Travelers" by Joda Saeda.

The judge recognized Filmy (Sofia) from Morocco and (MacLea) Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kenyan actress Samantha Mukasia won the Best Actress Award for her role in "My Companion" and received the Best Film Award for the Syrian Film "War Travelers" and won the Best Cinema Award for "My Companion" Best Screenplay of Chinese Film (Room Modo).

The closing ceremony and the award ceremony took place in the Cultural City, which was officially inaugurated this year. The ceremony was attended by Culture Minister Mohamed Zine El Abidine and a number of Arab filmmakers and artists.

At the Short Film Festival, Golden Talent won the Tunisian film "Brothers" by director Mariama Joubar, while the silver Tanit from Benin "Beit Lalou" and Tunisian Tanit Bronze for the tuner "Astra" directed Nidal Qayqa.

The jury praised the Tunisian movie "Florist" by director Shamcha Bouslama.

In the long documentary film competition, Golden Talent won the Egyptian film "Amal" directed by Mohamed Siam. The silver tannette won the Egyptian movie "Come" from Amal Ramses, and the bronze tannet was won by Lebanese film Ghassan Halawani.

In a short documentary film contest, the Golden Talent won Lebanese film Asdaa by director Nicolas Khoury, and Silver Tanit won the Palestinian film (signed on a petition) Mehdi Fleifel, while Tunis Tunis won the Senegalese movie Kidugu by Mamadou Khoma Jie.


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