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Verstauben offers an "old" race, winning the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix

Despite the bad start and fall to seventh place at the end of the first round, the Red Bull driver made a spectacular appearance after a maintenance break when he entered into a fierce competition with Leclair.

Verstauben managed to beat Ferrari several laps from the end of the race, but the overtaking did not go unnoticed after the Dutchman dropped an opponent out of the ring while the judges opened an investigation into the incident.

This is the sixth victory for Verstauben in Formula 1, and the first season has broken Mercedes's monopoly on races of Formula 1 this year.

Verstauben led Leclerc for 2.7 seconds, while Valter Potas finished the podium.

Sebastian Vettel was fourth after defeating Lewis Hamilton in the last round, and Mercedes had problems with cooling.

Lando Norris was the best for McLaren finishing in sixth place, ahead of son Pier Gassley and Carl Sainz.

Duo Alfa Romeo Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovannizzi finished in the top ten.


Löckler kept the lead at the start, while Verstauben, who had a bad start, returned from the second in the seventh at the end of the first round.

Norris tried to use it to move to third place before losing a bit of rhythm and pulling back to fifth place behind Hamilton and Raikkonen.

Norris lost his extra position after taking Vettel in the fourth round, while Leclerc managed to increase his advantage with Potas for more than 2.4 seconds.

Vettel ended his lead by transforming former Raikkonen coach to move to fourth place in the seventh round, while Verstauben moved to sixth place at Norris' expense before moving to Raikkonen.

In the 12th round, Ferrari told LeClair that it will follow Plan A, and Mungasque will lead a 4-second lead.

Haas Kevin Magnusen was fined for entering / leaving the field because he did not stop at the start line.

On the 22nd round, Potas stopped and came out on "hard" tires, as did Vettel, but Ferrari was not fully prepared for it, and it took about 6 seconds to stop and lose precious time.

The team discovered that the mechanical crew had problems with wireless communication because they did not understand Vettel's arrival on that circuit.

In the next round, Locklear stopped, leaving Hamilton in the lead when the British told his team: "The tires are good, they are still in good shape."

The British in lap 31 stopped his team to change the wing of his front car with 11 seconds when he finished fifth.

The German driver informed his driver that the change of the front wing was the result of some damage on the tenth round.

The main drivers were: Leclerc, Botas, Vettel, Verchtapen, Hamilton and Norris. But Verstahnaben has started to significantly reduce the gap with Vettel, the difference between 0.3 seconds on lap 48.

The Red Bull driver, in front of his fans on the track, managed to bypass Vettel in the 50th round, as he entered the maintenance area to replace tires and supplied soft tires.

Verstauben led his brilliant move over Potas, where he had 10 laps from the end of the race for 4.1 seconds behind Leclerc.

Ferstauben continued to pressure reducing his back in less than a second by reaching racing 66 in the lap, while failing to prevent him from taking the race.

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