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Watch Live Broadcasting of Mars and Main Alliance Yalla Shot on 21-11-2018 Arab Championships

In Arabic position
Algerian capital Algeria will be a heavy guest on the seventh match against Sudan's Marikh
Half-time Cairo time and eight and a half hours of Mecca time, in the game
Which will take place in the 16th round of the Zayed Cup for the Champions Clubs
A meeting between Sudanese capital and Mars on Zayed Cup on Wednesday.

The team wants Mars
Sudanes in today's game at home and in the mass to achieve the result of a great result
Positive move to strengthen his chances in the second part of Algeria to approach the quarterfinals of the tournament
After the success of Marseille to win the title of Sudan Cup and won second place in the league
Al-Sudan, where Al-Mars won the 16th place for Zayed Cup after the Syrian Army victory,
Returning to and connecting with him in Khartoum, Wednesday is taking place in accordance with Mars and the Capital Union
Live and video broadcast.

On the other side
The Algerian Capital Union team is at the top of the League of Algeria with 33 points
Very handy in the season Currently, the Algerian team
He got into that role after he attacked and left the aviation team 4-0 in total,
Free Watch Match Mars and Union of Capital in the Arab Championship.

Mars is playing in the game
Against the capital union through Abu Dhabi Sports Channel
HD 1 , Which
All matches of the Arab Championships 2018 Free Fast Cutting Without Cutting
See the match between Sudan and Algeria's capital, Algeria, on Wednesday.

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