Friday , April 23 2021

What is the truth about the death of Ahmed prisoners in jail?

Defense agencies announced that "social networking websites discussed the news of his death in his prison in a new security building," explaining that "this news is not true after we contacted officials who confirmed that Ahmed al-Assir was ok and all that is revealed is a lie. "

In the statement, we added: "We are the defenders of Ahmed al-Assy Naeiba on the release of this news and are surprised to have raised him in this difficult time in Lebanon, and we bear the full responsibility that can be caused by increasing worries and earthquakes. is the equivalent of telling stories about news publishers and punishing them in support of Lebanon laws and we will take the appropriate legal steps to prosecute them. "" Because of these rumors, the prison administration allowed prisoner Ahmed to contact his wife to check him out and explain his suffering in the new building security and inability to live because of cruel treatment and strict procedures ".

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